ABC's of Decompression Therapy

May 06, 2020in news

Decompression Therapy is an amazing massage service which uses specialized cups to create negative pressure. Gliding the silicone cups over the skin amplifies the amount of blood flow throughout the body, and by keeping the cups continually moving we are able to prevent the telltale red marks so many people associate with this service. The more familiar term for the service is “cupping”, but many people still aren’t clear on how this service can help relieve aches and pains and aid in relaxation.

Here are a few basics:

A = Athletic Training Recovery. 

There is a cumulative effect when performed on a regular basis that promotes a much faster recovery time. When an athlete’s muscles have a quick recovery time the body can then continue to work efficiently to meet the demands expected of it.


B = Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief

Muscle soreness due to tension, headaches, mental fatigue as well as sitting or standing too long can be alleviated by decreasing inflammation and loosening adhesions that can cause spasms and pain. Decompression therapy activates the body’s chemical mediators to promote this healing.


C = Circulation

The deep relaxation created by the Decompression Service is extremely detoxifying and will support lymph drainage. Swelling and edema can be reduced as congestion is expelled and the blood supply to any area in the body is increased. The vacuum created in the cup breaks up congestion as well as improving the lymphatic circulation up to 300% for a period of 8-12 hours.

Decompression Therapy is available at many of our locations throughout the country. Please ask your Massage Therapist or Spa Associate when scheduling your next appointment.