Massage Monday: Improving Focus and Productivity

Mar 23, 2020in news

Mindfulness of the Breath Technique

This technique is simple and basic, yet full of awareness. It’s wonderful for letting go but sharpens the mind as it brings a sense of one-pointed continuous mindfulness to self. This breathing practice has its origins in yoga as well as Qi Gong. It ensures a more lifted vibration, produces greater oxygen and the ability to attain greater focus along with productivity.

When to Use:

Once the mind and energy begin to wane, stop everything. Often until the mind becomes more aware, we might try to resist and keep pushing through the “low energy”. Training your mind and body to become aware of a decrease in focus quickly will be to your advantage. Stopping and using the breathing technique immediately will aid in the loss of productivity.

The Breathing Technique:

1) Sit on the edge of your chair; keep the back tall and straight with both feet planted hip width apart on the ground.

2) Place hands on the stomach. Close your eyes begin to take a few breaths and feel the stomach expand and collapse as you exhale. Do this for awareness of your breath.

3) Focus on the breath inhaling filling the belly and fill the chest with a count 1-2-3-4-5.  Hold the inhale count 1-2-3. Exhale count 1-2-3-4-5.

4) Repeat the sequence 3x’s

5) Come back to your normal breathing and when you’re ready resume with the rest of your day.

6) This technique can be done many times throughout the day.


Written by Carrie Wiedemann, National Massage Training & Compliance Coordinator, Hand and Stone Franchise Corp