Well-Being Mini Facial At Home

Apr 09, 2020in news

This week's Facial Friday features Hand & Stone esthetician Lindsay, who shows us the perfect way to de-stress at home with a Well-Being Mini Facial! This luxurious, tranquil facial is designed to impart warmth and deep relaxation while giving your skin a rejuvenated glow. We love the probiotic & pink Himalayan salt-based Live + Be Well mask.

Detoxify, balance and revitalize your skin with these amazing benefits:

Improved circulation

Reduction of toxins

Improvements to skin congestion

Softening of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Lindsay used the following popular ClarityRX® products in her Well-Being Mini-Facial video:

Cleanse Daily

Restore It

Live + Be Well Mask

Take Your Vitamins

Apple a Day

Nourish Your Skin