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PA Allentown Hamilton Crossings - Hand and Stone in Allentown, PA

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750 N Krocks Rd, Allentown, PA 18106

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Monday - to FridayOur hours are: from 9 AM - to 10 PM

SaturdayOur hours are: from 8 AM - to 8 PM

SundayOur hours are: from 10 AM - to 6 PM

Welcome to Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa in Allentown, PA

If you'd like to improve your appearance and look and feel your best affordably, then Hand and Stone is the place to turn in the Allentown area. Whether you want an exfoliation, peel, or other facial treatment, we've got the skills and experience to take care of you the right way.

Local Luxury

We're happiest when we're making you feel like a spoiled king or queen. Our well-trained, highly skilled estheticians will tailor your facial based on your skin type. We'll even make special adjustments for our teenage guests. By using outstanding products like Dermalogica® and ClarityRX®, we aim to help you maintain a youthful, glowing complexion at all times.

If you'd like to get a facial at Hand and Stone in Allentown, PA, you're in luck; we're open seven days a week. You don't even need an appointment. Give us a chance to show you everything we can do to help you look like a million. Give us a call or come by the spa today.


If this is your first visit to Hand & Stone, you will need to fill out both forms below within 24 hours of your visit. If you have already visited the spa you may not need to fill out the Intake Form. Check with your home spa.

Start by clicking on each form button which will download the form in PDF format. Fill out the document using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Save the form to your hard-drive. Complete the second form in the same manner. Once saved, click on the SUBMIT FORM button below which will generate an email to the spa, attach the PDF form(s) prior to your next service even if you are a member or have been into the spa previously. Thank you.

Step 1: Download Intake form

Step 2: Fill out Intake form and save onto hard-drive

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Step 4: Fill Out COVID Pre-Screen form and save onto hard-drive

Step 5: Click Submit form and attach both forms to email and SEND