Get That Glow at Home

May 22, 2020in news


Nothing says healthy skin like that magical glow!

One of our most popular facial treatments is our Microdermabrasion. The reason is simple... everyone wants glowing skin and Microdermabrasion delivers. Here are just some of the benefits Microdermabrasion:

  • ☙ Uses a diamond tipped wand to gently remove the outermost skin layers to reveal healthier skin
  • ☙ Minimizes pore size
  • ☙ Improves skin radiance and tone
  • ☙ Accelerates skin cell turnover to improve texture
  • ☙ Results are cumulative

Until we see you at the spa, here are two at-home exfoliators you can use to help you get that microdermabrasion glow:


Daily Superfoliant: This highly active re-surfacer delivers your smoothest skin ever, and helps fight the biochemical and environmental triggers known to accelerate skin aging.

Rapid Reveal Peel: This professional-grade, at-home peel helps reveal brighter, healthier skin when used just once a week. This maximum-strength exfoliant delivers powerful results with no downtime using a unique complex of phytoactive AHA extracts, lactic acid and fermented plant enzymes to help reveal new, firmer skin.