Improve Posture and Alignment

Apr 08, 2020in news

Having good posture can signify good health. Standing or sitting tall creates an alignment, which aids in the reduction of stress on vital organs, as well as less stress on skeletal and musculature structures.

Flexibility and strength can also support ideal posture. It is important to think of strengthening and stretching major muscle groups, not only in the back of the body, but the front of the body too.

Some simple body awareness techniques are listed below:

Look down at your feet while standing. Are the big toes on both feet lined up evenly? You might discover one foot is more forward than the other. Try having both feet hip width apart and big toes of both feet even on the floor. What does that feel like? If it feels odd or uncomfortable, chances are your body has been compensating your alignment and being realigned can feel strange.

Standing with your back towards the wall, bend forward from your waist and roll your spine up the wall. Imagine you are stacking each vertebra on top of each vertebra and press your shoulders into the wall while looking straight ahead. Next, draw your feet close to the wall and drop your shoulders. Take a step forward away from the wall. Do you feel like you are standing taller than before you started this exercise?

Proper posture is created when eyes are looking forward, shoulders are down away from your ears, both feet are pointed forward and aligned. If you look in a mirror you could see shoulders aligned with hips and hips aligned with ankles. The same would occur in the seated position. Head forward, shoulders down, back tall and not hunched over, shoulders aligned with hips. The knees are also aligned with the ankles and both feet pointed forward.