Treat Knots with Theragun

Apr 13, 2020in news

For those of us who understand the experience of feeling our bodies move with ease after a good massage, we appreciate the relief from painful, pesky knots freed from our traps, lats, and rhomboids.

If you are several weeks out from your last massage, you might already start to feel the knots creeping into your back, neck, and shoulders.

Here are a few methods you may want to try at home that will help to work out knots and tension:

Solo Method: Using a tennis ball or one of similar size, place it on the floor and lay down on top of it. Place the ball directly under the knot and breathe deeply. Continue working the knot for no more than two minutes. This can feel extra tender if you are using a harder ball. Try to move your muscles for a bit after you have worked them with the ball for added relief.

With a Partner: If you have someone around who can help reach those problematic areas, ask them to push on that knot with either the knuckle of their hand or elbow. Make sure you breathe deeply and limit the massage again to no longer than two minutes. Don’t forget to stretch after you are done.

Percussive Therapy: Whether you are an athlete or someone who experiences regular tension and pain, percussive therapy can provide both local and full-body relief. When working on muscular knots, Theragun provides benefits of increased blood flow to an area, improved myofascial function, and the activation of various receptors in the muscle. The impact of using Theragun can reduce pain and provide relief, along with more flexibility.