Decompression Therapy

Introducing our new Decompression Therapy at Hand & Stone. A reverse compression technique that works to improve circulation and relieve muscle discomfort. Aromatic organic essential oils are used to rebalance and restore wellbeing. And our signature glide technique helps avoid marks on your skin.

Our Decompression Therapy Massage uses specialized cups to create negative pressure to help improve circulation and relieve muscle discomfort. Gliding cups create a release of muscle tension, increase metabolic response and enhance your therapeutic massage. As a full body service experience, the slow relaxing massage increases circulation, enhances lymphatic flow and supports deep tissue work, yet avoids classic marks on the skin. Whether as a full body or a mini-targeted service, adhesions are loosened, connective tissue is lifted and fresh blood flow is delivered to stagnant muscles and skin. Decompression therapy is known to relieve headaches, reduce mental fatigue, and complements many of our other massage modalities.


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