Brighten Mom's Day this Mother's Day

Apr 23, 2018in news

Mother’s Day is the perfect time for all of us to give a special shout out to Mom! We’re doing our part at Hand & Stone by offering savings on gift cards so you can brighten your mom’s day with a massage or facial. We’ve asked our newest Brand Ambassador, Kate Casey, to brighten our day with her own salute to the moms out there.

Besides being a Hand & Stone fan, Kate Casey is comedian, author, and host of Reality Life with Kate Casey podcast. She has been featured on the Today Show, the Jenny McCarthy Show, US Weekly, Good Day LA, and many others. Here is her hilarious wish to all the mother’s out there:

Mom: This is a tribute to you!

Thank you for growing that baby inside your lady cavity for nearly ten months.

That year could have been spent enjoying delicious vodka tonics, pinot grigio, or margaritas but you made your health and that of your fetus a priority.

You could have woken up early to take a shower, straighten your hair, put on a nice outfit, and apply makeup, but you didn’t because if someone in the family has to look homeless it shouldn’t be the kids.

Thank you for all the times you could have spent the weekend with your friends from college or at a spa, but going to a swim meet or subjecting yourself to a dance recital was more important.

For figuring out how to get to work and keep your clients happy on top of getting the sisters from Frozen to perform at your kid’s birthday party.

For all those times you sat through an animated movie when you would have been much happier watching Season 3 of House of Cards.

A million thanks for allowing your one vacation this year to be spent at a Disney themed resort.

Thank you for spending more time considering where to enroll your kids for elementary school than you spent looking at colleges.

For spending money that could have gone towards restoring your beauty on swim and skateboard lessons, summer camp, and school tuition.

I salute you, sister friends.

And thanks Kate for brightening our day and Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there. Kate and her husband have four kids, with the fifth arriving this summer. You can follow Kate on Twitter: @katecasey, Facebook: @loveandknuckles and Instagram: @katecaseyca.