Support Local Business

Apr 01, 2020in news

When you think of a local business, do you think of the term mom-and-pop shop? Do you picture restaurants, hair salons, automotive repair shops, ice cream stores, and other similar, independent retailers?

Did you know that national franchise brands are also local businesses? Don’t let the brand name fool you; franchises are individually owned and operated by people who most often live and work in your local community. When you support local business, you are supporting these individual owners and helping them to support their staff as well.

Here are some ways you can help keep small businesses stay afloat while they are temporarily closed:

Keep Your Subscription

If you have a subscription or membership to a spa, gym, exercise class, music lesson, dance academy, etc., keep it going. Many small businesses rely on that support to stay in business and pay their bills. Your continued support can literally save their business and help them pay their employees.

Give the Gift of Business

Some closed businesses are still selling gift cards. Buy some for yourself to use after they reopen, give as gifts to those in need, or to say thank you to anyone who has put their life at risk during this unprecedented time. (Gift cards never expire!*)